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The new extension of the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) will connect the existing trail from John McCormack Drive NE in Brookland to the Fort Totten Metro Station. Below are answers to some anticipated questions customers may ask during their DDOT customer service encounter.

  1. What type of project is MBT at Fort Totten? The project is a design-build procurement.

  2. Why is this trail being constructed? The MBT extension between John McCormack Drive NE and 1st Place NE is the next major milestone toward the completion of the planned eight-mile trail between Silver Spring, Maryland and Union Station (District of Columbia). This portion of the trail will facilitate local access between the Fort Totten Metro, Catholic University and the surrounding community.

  3. What are the project limits? This section of the MBT will extend between John McCormack Drive NE in Brookland and Fort Totten Metro. In addition, the asphalt trail spur that provides access to Fort Totten and Lamond-Riggs neighborhoods from 1st Place NE via Gallatin Street NE will be repaved.

  4. Which surrounding communities will benefit from the new trail extension? Catholic University of America, Brookland, Edgewood, Lamond-Riggs, Fort Totten, Brightwood Park, Manor Park, and Michigan Park.

  5. When will construction begin? August 2018, weather permitting.

  6. When will construction end? May 2020, weather permitting.

  7. What will be the traffic impact on community residents and commuters? Please visit Traffic Advisory and for traffic alerts.

  8. Who is the Project Manager for MBT Fort Totten? Nannette Bowles. She can be reached at (202) 497-3953 or

  9. What if additional information is requested about MBT Fort Totten? Inquiries regarding additional information on MBT Fort Totten may be sent to or Nannette Bowles, Project Manager, at

  10. Where can comprehensive information be found regarding the MBT project? Comprehensive information about MBT can be found at or